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recommend fast VPS for me?


have magento commerce based online shop. I want add up to 100 000 products. and 3000 menus/submenus.

Can someone recommend fast VPS for me? What are your views on VPS hosting solutions?

(and is there any example website). I have search many offers, but i don't know which one is best..


  • I switched to cheap vps after a bad experience with another host.

    Every single reply, they treat you with a lot of respect, offer advice when requested and point you to the right direction.

  • Try solutions. They'll develop you a bespoke hosting solution for your specifications.

  • VPS plans from and are full of useful resources with high uptime and quality support.

    Their support teams are very helpful. Whenever I've had to contact them with wordpress questions, they're always responding so professionally. My websites are always up and running without problems.

  • Virtual private servers are affordable and powerful, offering you your own mail server and greater security control.

    You'll get 24/7 proactive support, sitePad website builder, weekly backups, imunify malware scanner. ssd vps is the solution for you, OP.

  • Have a look at VPS accounts from time-tested companies: and

     The prices are great and they also offer many services to help you if you lack the expertise to complete a job.

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