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HostNamaste KVM VPS

Need hosting. I will be uploading videos

I will be uploading videos to the website and they need to load fast. Does such a hosting exist?

Or should I just have a different web hosting server for different parts of the world?

Do you think ssd vps hosting will be worth trying or not? Any reviews?


  • VPS plans from and are worth your attention.

    They are the best so far and I believe they are the best. Excellent customer support, reliable servers, fair prices, and all the features you will ever need.

  • Best customer service you will ever find, anywhere! Fullstop.

    I'd recomend to anyone, all requests are dealt with in record time and no problems, a definate 11 out of 10.

  • No doubt. is really professional, and they have the quickest support ever.

    Price to service to ease-of-use to features its just a great deal and they just added lots of new stuff. Very competitive pricing.

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